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Verdansk literally ‘flipped’ on it’s side caused by Warzone Tilting Bug

It’s not uncommon to find bugs with Warzone Season 6, since the update there has been a host of issues disrupting players game play.

In the final season, Infinity Ward boasted heaps of new feautures however it comes with it’s setbacks as the game is facing yet another bug. There has been a lot of new content added to the game however, such as players being able to get two pretty hefty weapons in the Battle Pass and also the map has been redesigned in a huge way due to the newly implemented subway system.

There has also been a lot of other features tweaked and added that fans had been hoping for, however quite a lot of the update has been affected as gamers have found it to be riddled with bugs. Players found they could shoot through an unlimited amount of walls using the new weapons, and now they’re facing even bigger problems.

Players have taken to social media to express there experiences and feelings on the latest bug in the game, it seems that when players have been flipping vehicles they have somehow ended up being stuck sideways, with their operator bizzarely running sideways also.

Unfortunatley there hasn’t been anyway for players to recitify this issue and game play remains affected for some gamers as no matter what they do in game the camera remains on its side.

This not only disorientated players but left them having to fight to get a clear aim and it was also flipped, some players offered a solution of lying down to correct aiming issues.

There has been no comment from Infinity Ward on this issue as of yet, players will have to be extra careful while driving through Verdansk in the mean time and hope that a hotfix its way.

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