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Valheim Becomes Steams Second Most Played Game Only Beaten By CS:GO

The game has been setting records ever since it released a little under three weeks ago,

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The survival game has became one of the most popular games overnight, and continues on its meteoric rise to become one of the fastest growing games in recent history. Selling over 3 million copies in under three weeks. Valheim reached an amazing 500,000 concurrent players on Sunday February 21st. Passing Dota 2, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, and even Grand Theft Auto V.

The peak of 502,000 players has since fell and at the time of writing is sitting at 387,131. Still enough to beat out Dota 2 which has 365,418 current players, but nowhere near enough to knock Counter-Strike: Global Offensive off the top spot which peaked at over 1.1 million players today.


Survival games have a bad reputation on Steam especially the early access ones, but Valheim has become a massive success for the small five person development studio Iron Gate. It’s success is likely due to the building mechanics and massive randomly generated world that offers almost an amount of things to discover.

Iron Gate co-founder Henrik Tornqvist spoke with PC Gamer earlier this week where he said “We had a feeling that it would sell pretty well, at least to sustain us, you know. But it being a million seller, and now two million seller, is something we could have never guessed” “Its quite incredible, and very humbling also, I might add” he said.

The game has a huge future ahead of it, a road map has already been planned and the next update will be with use before we know it, and the modding community is already hard at work adding content and features to the game.

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