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Underground Tunnels are coming to Warzone in Season 6

Infinity Ward dropped a new trailer for season 6 of Warzone which reveals a network of tunnels running under Verdansk.

In the trailer, we see a pair of new operators named Farah and Nikolai appear from the dark underground tunnels. Nikolai tells Farah that Zakhaev, the main enemy in Modern Warfare has been using the tunnels to move around Verdansk in secret. Farah is seen fending off a group of soldiers.

Nikolai turns the power on, and the trailer shows all of the trains coming back to life.

These trains will likely play a huge part in Warzone season 6, allowing players to move around the map faster and more discreetly than ever before.

The exact workings of the trains are not yet known, but stayed tuned as Infinity Ward will no doubt release more information on the lead up to the release of Season 6.

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