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UK taking steps to make scalping illegal


MPs are taking the plan to the next level to ask the UK government for a potential plan to be put in place to ban console scalpers.

Moscow – November 19 2020: New video game console PlayStation 5 in the box

UK politicians are trying to form a plan that would see a ban put in place or even another piece of legislation that would combat console scalpers as the number of PS5 and Xbox resellers skyrocket.

If you have been one of many that were trying to get their hands on the PS5 but have been unsuccessful, you will know just how busy the retail websites get when new stock becomes available. High street stores have seen surges of over 160,000 people online at one time following an announcement of new stock.

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Many scalpers have been using bots to get their hands on multiple units of the console to then sell on at inflated prices. The use of bots can be executed in a number of ways, one of the most popular ways is that these bots will scan to stock check certain websites and then inform the owner an alert to let them know the item is in stock.

Towards the end of last year the UK saw a group of MPs come together to discuss potentially imposing a ban on console scalping, since then the motion, has then collected signatures from other MPs spread across multiple political parties.

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The motion was brought forward by MP Douglas Chapman who said:

“Given that experts in the cyber industry now predict the issue of scalping to grow across other important goods and services this year, we are looking at presenting a Bill in Parliament so that we can further explore legislative options to protect consumers from this unfair practice.”

At the moment the demand for these next-gen consoles is on the increase and scalping unfortunately is becoming more and more popular with some scalpers buying large amount of the console.

Hopefully, there will be something put it place soon in order to put a stop to these buying patterns, with shortages of the console at the moment as well, due to the ongoing pandemic gamers can only hope that the situation improves.

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