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Treyarch Nerf sliding exploit just a day before Black Ops: Cold War launch


The day before the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Treyarch have nerfed a famous exploit in the game.

Treyarch are trying to get this issue rectified before the official launch of the game, this slide cancelling exploit has been causing issues for a while now, ever since the alpha.

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Players were using this exploit to hack through maps, causing utter chaos for other players alike. This exploit in the alpha was rife with so many players taking advantage of this, the games developers are hoping they can quickly solve this and put a stop to it before tens of millions of players start to play this 2021 title.

They have tried their best to nerf this issue, however it hasn’t made much impact as of yet, so they have launched another nerf set to try and counteract the problem. This approach will hopefully have more of an impact as it is set to be stronger than the last attempt.

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To do this, they have reduced the length of the slide and also slowed down its speed dramatically to try and combat players exploiting this. They did mention in the patch notes that sliding is intended as an escape mechanism and not to be used in close quarters as an advantage.

Hopefully this will kill the problem once and for all and allow players to enjoy the flow of combat instead of simply just sliding around them. We still can’t be sure if this will totally wipe the problem, could it be that the issue still lingers when we see general release?

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Gamers will have to wait until tomorrow to find out, its likely the developers may have another plan waiting to take effect if it still causes issues in the game.

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