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The Warzone FOV War Between Console And PC


Is the master race getting an unfair advantage?

Just when you think the console wars are starting to die out, a new war starts. Most players know that having a decent gaming computer will run your games better than any generation of console will ever be able to, and we accept that.

Keyboard and mouse is better for FPS game, it allows you to aim faster and more accurate than a player using a controller, but aim assist for console players does a good job at reducing the skill gap. But what happens when that advantage shifts to being visual? A new debate has started over whether the field of view (FOV) slider on most pc games gives PC players and advantage over console players. FOV sliders have been around forever, but the new addition of cross-play to some games has meant this hasn’t been an issue until now.

A video shared online from the Youtube account eVCephei claims that Warzone players on PC, with their much higher field of view, have a huge advantage over console players.

The video shows a player on console being unable to see an enemy just outside of their field of view, who eventually killed them. It then compares the footage from a spectating teammate on PC. In the PC footage you can clearly see the enemy for a short period of time, unlike in the console clip where the enemy was cropped out.

You can watch for yourself here:

The comments section of the video sums up the communities feelings on the matter.

Other games that have cross-play have dealt with this matter, Apex Legends for example allows players on console to change their FOV.

So why don’t all console games allow this? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Current consoles just aren’t powerful enough to handle a higher FOV. It’s more demanding on the hardware and has a big impact on the games performance. On top of this, consoles haven’t needed an FOV slider as most players sit far away from their TV and increasing the FOV makes things in front of you seem a lot smaller and farther away. This would make it too difficult for console players to see enemies unless they played close to their TV or hooked their console up to a monitor at a desk.

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