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The ULTIMATE guide to pumpkin growing: What you probably don’t know


Players have been delighted with the latest Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, which has brought with it the exciting addition of growing and farming pumpkins!

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Not only does a pumpkin patch add a cute fall and Halloween vibe to your island, pumpkins are vital in crafting the new fall DIY recipes. Pumpkins are also useful for customising these items also, as pumpkins grow in four different colours it allows players to customise their items with each colour.

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Purchasing Pumpkins

Players can buy pumpkin starters from Nooks Cranny or from Leif when he is visiting. Starters will set players back 280 bells although Leif sells at a slightly cheaper price of 140 bells, and we all feel good about supporting Leif and his small business! You can buy pumpkin starts as a single plant or you can buy in batches of 5.

Planting Pumpkins

There is no need to dig a hole when planting pumpkins all players need to do it find and empty area on their island, simply open their pockets and click plant.

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Moving Pumpkins

If you have a well thought out patch design or wanted your pumkins to grow in a specific place, sometimes when planting if the pumpkin plants in an area that you do not want you are able to simply dig it up and replant.

Growing Pumpkins

Your pumpkins will be ready to harvest in four days, however if you wanter your pumpkins you will have a greater chance of them growing in bunches. Pumpkins can grow in bunches of two or three pumpkins, so when harvesting you will pick up to three pumpkins per plant instead of only one.

Pumpkin Colours

Pumpkins grow in four colours, yellow, orange, white and green. The different colours are vital if your crafting a fall DIY recipe or if your wanting to customise an items. Some recipes require specific coloured pumpkins so its best to try and grow some in every colour. Unfortunatley you can’t choose which colour pumpkin you will get, there is no way to know until the pumpkin begins to grow.

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Harvesting Pumpkins

When your pumpkins are ready you can begin to harvest them, this is dont by simply pressing Y when close to your desire plant. You will then find your pumpkins in your pockets and they are ready to be used.

Regrowing Pumpkins

After pumpkins have been harvested they will regrow in the same spots they were planted, simply just repeat the process of watering and waiting and after another 4 days they will again be ready to harvest!

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