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The ultimate guide to creating hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of the most challenging and sought after tasks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is creating hybrid flowers. For those who have not explored this yet or are new to the game, you do this by strategically planting different colour flowers which then spawn rare and hybrid colours.

It is exciting to have these not only to create an amazing garden and flower display on your island but also as these attract rare seasonal bugs you may not be able to catch without them, this is perfect if your wanting to complete the big display in your museum and you can also get sculptures made from Flick when giving him 3 of these bugs.

Hybrids can also be sold or traded to other players as many people struggle to grow them theirselves or used in rare DIYS, this guide will assist you in creating your perfect hybrid garden.

To successfully grow hybrids you must have your flowers planted in a checker board pattern with spaces in between each flower planted, you must also consistently water them every day for the hybrids to spawn.

There are 8 different flower types in the game:

– Tulips

– Pansies

– Mums

– Cosmos

– Windflowers

– Lillies

– Roses

– Hyacinths

The colours you are able to get are:

– Red

– White

– Yellow

– Purple

– Blue

– Pink

– Orange

– Black

Majority of which can only be created by breeding the original colours of white, red and a yellow.

Gold roses are another very sought after flower, these can only be created by watering black roses with a gold watering can. Once grown these gold roses can also be used in DIYs such as the gold rose wreath crown and others. It is definitely something worth trying in the game and can have some pretty great rewards, hopefully this guide will help you in creating your own colourful garden!

If you haven’t already got Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can get it here!

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