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The secret Warzone killstreak in Season 6

Warzone players have uncovered a brand new killstreak in season 6 which wasn’t included in the patch notes, and as far as we can tell it’s exclusively found in bunkers.

Image credit: Activision

Season 6 went live today (September 29), bringing with it a load of new content. Including two new weapons, two new operators, new modes for Warzone, and new multiplayer maps for Modern Warfare.

Fast-travel subway systems were also included around the map, but as well as they obvious changes Infinity Ward have included some changes that weren’t included in the patch notes.

Players have already uncovered a new killstreak that appears to be popping up in bunkers around Verdansk. It’s called Foresight and it works in a very similar way to the Recon Contract. Picking it up will show you all the future circle locations around the map. Including those at the very end of the game when the circle and gas move.

As already mentioned, the killstreak can only be found in bunkers, on the floor or in one of the upgraded supply crates. So you wont be able to find them anywhere else on the map just yet.

It’s unknown if the killstreak will be added to Buy Stations in future or if we’ll be able to find it in any other locations such as helicopter supply drops.

players have also reported being able to find Self Revive Kits in supply crates, so it appears Infinity Ward are trying to shake up Warzone in a big way.

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