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The Modern Warfare glitch that is causing players to become invincible


Players have reported a bizarre glitch in the game that is somehow preventing them from taking injuries or damage in the Reinfected Ground war mode.

It is no secret that Infected has now became one the most widely played modes for players that hope to show off with there mean survival skills. This mode has been featured in previous versions of the game and has always remained a popular mode.

However players have noticed that there is a glitch located in the Karst River Quarry map, and that is what is resulting in making players invincible.

While experiencing this glitch players are not able to pass through with any knives of guns, however it still is possible to be able to shoot others while stuck in the glitch.

The battleground in which it takes place is a huge part of the Warzone map, Vardansk. It was returned to the game in the Reinfected Ground war playlist.

This playlist consists of five different maps, which gives players the opportunity to play in most of Verdansk while in a survival mode. The locations featured are Port, Boneyard, Tavorsk, District and more.

This location is also accessible in Warzone yet it doesn’t seem to have the same effect while in battle royale mode.

While experiencing this glitch it makes it possible for players to rack up hundreds of kills, resulting in the possible gain of the Tactical Nuke kill-streak, this would then in turn end the game immediately.

At the moment this issue is yet to be resolved, it is possible Infinity Ward will be looking into a way to correct this. They have not yet released and official statement on the matter.

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