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The greatest threat in Warzone is now this box truck

It has been dubbed the “death truck” by Warzone players. It looks rather innocent, but don’t let it fool you. The truck, parked up near the Graveyard just outside of the Superstore is hiding a sinister secret.

The truck lures in its prey with a contract, some loot, or maybe even some cash, but once players climb inside to collect their loot, they soon realise they cant get back out. The truck is positioned up against a wall, and the only way to get into it is through a window which leads right into the back of the truck. The positions of the truck makes it so you have to go prone to get in, but that means you can’t vault back out.

The only way out of the truck is to use an explosive to kill yourself, but if you don’t have a grenade or C4, you have to wait for the gas to come along and claim you, or leave the game and start again.

The truck isn’t new, and posts pop up on Reddit quite often with players complaining and cursing Infinity Ward for the placement of the truck ruining their games. Some players claiming they got stuck in the truck in the final circle.

“Yup. It’s the death truck,” one player wrote. “I had someone in the squad get stuck in there on the last circle lol.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some players are using the truck to troll others. Climbing into the truck and then attracting the attention of other players, once another comes along and kills them, they sit back and laugh as they watch them climb into the truck themselves to collect the loot that was dropped.

Now you know about it, stay clear. Or maybe wind your friends up by telling them to go and collect whatever loot is in the back, and laugh at them as they desperately try to escape before the gas comes.

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