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The Animal Crossing X Among Us Crossover we Didnt Know we Needed


Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Among Us have taken the world by storm this year, going viral with thousands of players worldwide.

One fan has created the ultimate fan art paying homage to both games in an epic crossover. The games themselves have been widely popular and have broken the internet with fan art and memes.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has became a sensation in the passed months after it was initially released in March. The game allows players to create their own island where they can decorate it how they wish and virtually hang out with other players using Nintendo Online.

There is no surprise the game was a big hit as it allows gamers to virtually hang out with friends during the recent pandemic.

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Among Us has also proved to be insanely popular, another way to hang out with friends while the world faced an unexpected sudden lockdown. The game itself was actually released over two years ago but recently has been boosted into the spotlight over the current months with players everywhere taking to the celestial game.

Reddit user Sauce_Pesto has recently took to the platform to release their fan art, paying homage to the two widely loved games.

I tried to make some Among Us skins based on Animal Crossing characters ! from r/AnimalCrossing

The image shared depicts popular Animal Crossing characters such as Tom Nook, Reese and Cyrus, Celeste, Isabelle and KK Slider. The characters have been created into famous Among Us skins.

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This amazing fan art is another addition to the ever growing pool of art based on these games, and is sure to grow further with both games continued success.

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