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Supply Drops Revealed in Black Ops Cold War Leak

Player have recently discovered a bug in the Black Ops Cold War Beta which gives us a hint that Supply Drops may be returning.

With the recent drop of Black Ops cold War Beta players have been keen to play and find out what’s in store, however there has been recent reports that players have stumbled across a strange discovery.

Players have recently made the discovery that it could be possible for Supply Drops to make a return, this was noticed through a series of actions in the Beta.

If this is the case it means that the game will again contain microtransactions, however Supply Drops have always remained a controversial subject in the game.

Supply Drops were first introduced to the game in Advanced Duty, and have since then made appearances throughout the series. They were actually set to be featured in Modern Warfare however Infinity Ward made the decision to change it over to the Battle Pass.

The boxes in some games have been known to contain weapon camos, character skins and emotes, there has also been a number of exclusive guns that has been added to the list of potential unlocks. Players have to take caution when playing as a re-skinned loot box system, the crates can cause issues in game if they aren’t being used correctly.

When a weapon has been locked behind a paywall it creates a problem as a unfair situation is caused, further issues can stem also if we dive into problems caused by loot box gambling addictions.

Fans have taken to social media to report their findings on the addition of microtransactions to the game, so according to this newly discovered leak it is likely that Supply Drops will be returning to Cold War.

Gamers have been showing off their findings online, it seems to be that a hidden menu is shown when a mouse and keyboard are connected to the game.

There are locked features that then become available as when players have been clicking on the Message of the Day it has been giving them access to an array of extra buttons.

A ‘Crate Bundle’ and ‘Reserves’ have been located on this menu along with ‘Purchase Crate’ and many other possible options. However we cannot know for certain if this is the case however indications that it is in the pipeline look good.

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