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Subway exploit in Warzone season 6 gets you an easy win

A game breaking bug has been found in Warzone season 6 that is allowing players to get some free easy wins using an exploit in the new Subway system, Metro.

A brand new fast travel system was introduced in Warzone with the release of season 6 in the from of a subway system. The subway allows players to move around the map quickly without having to run or drive.

Fans praised Activision for the addition as it came as a positive change to the game, but now it seems the subway system could be doing more harm than good.

A bug was discovered by player ‘Doyley44’ which allowed players to exploit the new subway system and using it to cheat death.

Players are finding that entering or leaving a station while also being inside the circle is leaving you immune to the effects of the gas for some reason.

You can also auto-heal during the fast-travel animations so any damage you take can be replenished fairly quickly. So if you are in the gas, and initiate a fast travel, the animation will stop you taking damage and allow you to heal any damage taken, doing this continually can keep you alive in the gas indefinitely.

It’s clear this is an unintended function of the new subway system, Infinity Ward made it clear that train cars would not move if the next station is in the gas or if there is any fighting happening on nearby.

This means, that you can stay alive in the gas until everybody else in the lobby dies.

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