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Streamer Exposes Himself as a Warzone Hacker on Twitch

Since Warzone was first launched there has been a surge of hackers causing havoc in the game. The gaming community recognise this issue as one of the biggest problems as it causes so many problems amongst players.

This issues often results in players loosing matches as their enemies have gained the ability to perform perfect aim and awareness.

Now this isn’t the first time someone has accidently been caught cheating whilst streaming, however in this instance this particular player deliberately showcased his cheating and hack to viewers.

It’s hard to believe this player actually went live while doing this, as it clearly showed him opening and closing the cheat menu. It was also clear to see that his enemies had yellow boxes around them while he was playing matches. These were to help grasp his attention.

Another factor was that the nameplate of each player that was in the match was making an appearance above their heads, thus making it easier to spot them.

This player must have thought he was impressing his viewers when in reality it was having the opposite effect, with many question if he was playing on an additional account.

Viewers were shocked when he announced that it was actually in fact his main account he was using with these hacks.

Twitch is usually quite quick to suspended offending players who commit this type of cheating however it is not known at the moment if he has been banned or not.

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