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Streamer exposes himself as a hacker live on Twitch Stream YET AGAIN…


Call of Duty: Warzone is no stranger to cheaters, in fact this isn’t the first time a cheater has exposed themselves while streaming.

Players are frustrated with cheaters causing havoc in Warzone, it is one of the games biggest issues with hackers growing in numbers by the day. Gamers are now exposed to even more cheaters since the game has enabled cross play between console and PC users.

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Recently a hacker exposed himself while streaming live on Twitch, and they didn’t take too kindly to being called out on it. Viewers speedily took to Twitter to document what they have witnessed, with some accusing him of being a terrible player even when using cheats.

Twitch user ‘festation’ began to offer challengers to views who accused them of being a terrible player, they offered 1×1 matches on Black Ops 4.

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While they was caught cheating on stream, it could be seen that they were using an exploit that allowed him to see exactly where every enemy was located on the map around Verdansk.

They were also able to locate players as they health was colour coded and they were able to see other players movements through walls. Along with these cheats they were also able to have indicators present for armour, cash and also for guns.

They quickly changed their game play to Black Ops 4, however this wasn’t before clips were saved of the cheating taking place and plastered all over Twitter.

Through this they have gained quite a few followers on Twitch that we can assume have came from Twitter, perhaps this exposure will lead to action being taken by Twitch?

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