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Sony in Lawsuit Over PS5 Controller Drift Issues


Recently reports have been flooding in from players who have been experiencing drifting issues with their PS5 dualsense controllers, these claims have lead to Sony being slammed with a lawsuit over the frustrating issue.

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Players who have been experiencing this issue have said they have received minimal support from Sony on this issue, therefore they have had to take to the next level in a bid to rectify the issue.

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It has been reported that these issues have been plaguing players since the release of the console and has failed to be fixed by Sony as of yet.

The ‘drifting’ issue is caused by the the joystick located on the controller and the actual movement in the game, the controller somehow recognises movement of the joystick even when it is not being touched.

This then becomes incredibly frustrating for players as it enables them to play to the best of their ability, it is particularly disappointing when gamers have shelled out for the latest next-gen technology only to be met with these kinds of problems.

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However, the PS5 isn’t the only console that has seemed to have these issues, Nintendo was also met with some legal problems due to a drifting issue on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Players being met with these issues have taken their own action by filing class action lawsuits against Sony as it seems to be a problem faced by many.

Hopefully victims of this issue will see a solution to this drifting problem as soon as possible.

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