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Slide exploit in Black Ops Cold war gives players super speed

The beta has been live for little under a week now, and it hasn’t taken players long to figure out overpowered and broken ways to move around the map in Black Ops Cold War.

If you’ve been paying close attention to the competitive side of Call of Duty recently, then you might have heard the term ‘slide-cancelling’, a movement exploit that allows players to move around the map as fast as possible, while keeping their gun up ready for a fight.

And, now payers have figured out a way of exploiting the movement system in Cold War to slide around the map at super speed, something that will definitely need fixed before the the final release.

Image credit: Activision

Of course, finding bugs are exactly what a beta is designed for, allowing the developers extra time to find and fix these problems before the full release, and issues like these can only be found when you have millions of people stress-testing your game.

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The exploit was shared on Twitter by madevillainydoom, and shows the player sliding, jumping and then instantly landing into a slide again, without a cooldown.

He also tagged a number of Call of Duty pros in the tweet hoping to bring this to the attention of a wider audience, leading to it getting fixed sooner rather than later.

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This isn’t the first Black Ops game to have a problem with a sliding exploit, Black Ops 3 had an issue with the so called ‘g-slide’ that had to be patched out after becoming prolific.

Cold Wars slide is being called the ‘double slide cancel’ and YouTuber NuttyMags has demonstrated that it can also be performed sideways.

We can only assume the mechanic is not intentional, and that Treyarch should patch this out after its brought to their attention, but it will likley be around until the end of the beta.

Black Ops Cold War will officially release on November 13.

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