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Shadow Company trailer teases lots of changes in Season 5


The teaser trailer for season 5 has finally dropped, introducing  new crew to the game as well as revealing the August 5th release date.

Stadium is the focal point of the teaser along with the nuke in a bunker somewhere in verdansk. Rumours have been circulating for a while around whether or not stadium was opening its doors in season 5. With cryptic tweets from the official Call of Duty Twitter account and short teasers sent to streamers fuelling the fire.

It certainly seems like a big change is coming to the map, be it the stadium opening, a train being added to carry loot around the map, or even a nuke destroying Verdansk. All of these changes are likely going to lead to the reveal of the next Call of Duty game.

What we do know so far, is that Shadow Company will be reintroduced to the series, The alliance led by Captain Price between the Coalition and Allegiance to take down Al-Qatala has fallen. “Chaos has set in” and Shadow Company, a trio of operators with “actionable intel” are sent in to get the job done right.

The trio consists of Rozlin Helms, who featured on the loading screen for Season 4, Velikan and Marcus Ortega, the leader of the Company. The three may be former members of the Allegiance who have grown impatient with Captain Price’s progress within the Alliance.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare' And Warzone' Trailer Reveals 'Shadow ...
Image credit: Activision

The teaser doesn’t give any details about the season 5 battle pass, or any other content within the season, but there is only a week left to wait before release. If you haven’t finished your season 4 Battle Pass, you best get working on it fast!

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