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Secret UFO mission discovered in GTA Online

Data-miners have discovered a hidden mission in GTA Online which includes a UFO. The Los Santos Summer Update brought a lot of new content to the game, but it seems some of it may still not be accessible to players.

UFOs found in the games code are similar to those found in the past, but this time the ship is much bigger. It’s believed that the ship is tied to a new business battle, but the data miners (The Game File Gurus) have not discovered how the ship is activated in the game. Using some technical genius, they were able to force the game to activate the mission, allowing them to take the screenshot in the tweet below.

The business battle has players enter Fort Zancudo just outside of Los Santos. Once inside players will find the UFO located in one of the hangars. As of writing, it doesn’t look like the player will actually be allowed to fly the UFO.

You will be tasked with finding spaceship parts and returning them to the NPC Omega, then you will be rewarded with loot and experience points, just like the other business battles.

It’s not the first time that alien themed has been added to GTA Online and earlier this year there was even an alien turf war within the game.


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