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Secret Poison Bombs are being found hidden around Verdansk

Season 5 of Warzone and Modern Warfare dropped not long ago, and with it came a few secret additions that have gone mostly unnoticed until now.

The highlight of the new season was the major changes Infinity Ward made to the map, blowing the roof off the stadium and opening up the inside, as well as adding a new train to the map, but a ew secrets were snuck in their too.

As well as prices being adjusted in the buy stations, weapons in the Gulag were also adjusted, and none of it was mentioned in the patch notes, leading some players to wonder what else haven’t we noticed.

Explosive canisters can be found throughout Verdansk, and they have only been found by a handful of players

These canisters have been in the game since the beginning of season 5, they can be picked up and thrown a great distance, then shot to set of an enormous explosion as well as setting the ground on fire.

They can also be picked up, and then dropped with a fuse set according to the on screen prompts when interacting with the item.

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There is also another variation of the secret item, the poison canister. This one creates a cloud of toxic gas in a huge area instead of dealing explosive damage. Anyone caught inside the area of effect will presumably take damage similar to being in the gas outside the playable area.

Perhaps they were added ahead of the transition to Black Ops Cold War or even part of an upcoming easter egg. Theres also no indication as to just how rare these items are, where they spawn or what game modes they’re in.

We have no idea why Infinity Ward kept these a secret, without even a hint of their existence in the patch notes or even being shown in the season 5 trailer. Only time will tell if they are part of something bigger.

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