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Secret Field Upgrade ‘Bomb Drones’ discovered in Warzone


It seems Warzone have made a secret Field Upgrade featuring the fan favourite combo, a drone with C4 attached.

It has became a popular activity in the game for players to attach C4 to a drone as a tactic in the game, perfect for catching an enemy when they least expect it.

Recon Drones are perfect for this as they can access areas that are no accessible to you quickly and efficiently, so it makes sense to place an explosive on top right?

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This has always proved a task for players to awkwardly attach the C4 to the drone, however that difficulty has to been abolished forever as the new Field Upgrade called the ‘Bomb Drone’ eliminates the need to do this as it is already done for you.

It was discovered when a post surfaced on online showing a player in training mode using a ‘bomb drone’ in a red key card bunker.

This field upgrade however was not in the games official patch notes, which is a nice surprise for players as they can discover these assets themselves without pre reading before playing the game.

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Players have had a positive response to see this fan favourite combo has made its way officially to the game, although the only down side is that this field upgrade is only available to use in training or private matches.

Hopefully it may be introduced into main modes in the future but of course we can’t say for sure at the moment.

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