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Season 5 weapons leaked for Warzone and Modern Warfare


New weapons have seemingly leaked ahead of the release of season 5. Late last week, Activision released the season 5 release date alongside the first trailer for the new season. Only a few details were released about the season, but details hidden within the trailer give a lot more information away.

New images hidden within the trailer for the season show characters holding some new weapons. Both the AN-94 and the APC9, the two guns are not currently in the game, but clearly this is a hint at them coming in the new season.

This hasn’t been officially confirmed as of yet, but why else would they be in the trailer? It’s also the same way that the Fennec (Vector) and CR-56 (Galil) were teased last season.

Evidence of both guns was shown courtesy of The Gaming Revolution:

The AN-95 has featured in Call of Duty games before, notably in Black Ops. It’s quite a popular weapon. Whereas the APC9 appears to be a brand new weapon to the franchise.

It’s likely that the two guns will be free to unlock via the battle pass in season 5.

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