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Rockstar leaker delivers bad news about GTA 6 ‘coming soon’ rumours

A Rockstar games insider has shut down rumours about Grand Theft Auto 6 possibly coming soon, rumours have suggest the developers Rockstar games could have something on the horizon.

Fans are desperate for some information regarding Rockstars next instalment of the GTA franchise and the release date for the game is possibly the most sought after piece of information in the gaming community at the moment.

Fans had been hoping that 2020 would be the year Rockstar released the game, or at least announced it. A number of stores accidentally listed the game as a late 2020 release, but it seems those listings were false. Now, a few days into 2021 and the most recent update we have from Rockstar is GTA Online related.

We know the game is in development, some characters from the game have been confirmed as well, but it seems the release is taking a little while longer than fans had hoped.

Yan2295, a former Rockstar Games insider has addressed a number of rumours surrounding GTA 6 over the years, and he took to Twitter to address a rumour suggesting the developers were about to announce the new title.

“Yes GTA 6 is being developed. No, it’s not coming soon,” he Tweeted “No, I don’t know when it’s gonna be announced or released. You can stop asking now.”

While the game is in production, it seems Rockstar want to focus on getting as much life out of GTA Online as possible, maybe they’re even trying to figure out how to implement it into GTA 6 before its release.

GTA Online is being released for the new generation Xbox Series X/S and the Playstation 5 and will release in the second half of 2021, so we wouldn’t expect GTA 6 to be announced anytime before that.

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