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Rockstar Bans GTA cheaters and resets their accounts

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At the end of August Grand Theft Auto Online has seen some major changes, as Rockstar bans players and reset their accouns. The disciplanary action came into effect for those players who have been taking advantage of a glitch within the game.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Prior to this ban, the glitch had allowed some players to attain a multitude of properties and were able to manipulte the game by changing thing aroung within the menus resulting in the game paying them a huge of amount of dollars, with little to no work.

Take Two, the games publisher had already took action as videos were being flagged on Youtube as players were making videos assiting others on how to take advantage of the glitch.

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Glitches are not an uncommon thing umongst the game, but Rockstar have decided to take action on those who have abused it. Upon loggin in many will find all of their in game money to have dissapeared and their games completey reset, if they had just started to exploit this, it is possible they may get away with just a warning.

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The glitch was well known by a lot of players, and was name the ‘Apartment Garage Glitch’ which has seemingly been working well for them until it was discovered and banned. To the dismay of many players who are no longer able to abuse this or continue playing with their current accounts.

Rockstar have stated they took this action to keep the game fair anf healthy for all players and are happy to consider banning players in future due to cheating. Fans have taken to social media to share there thoughts ont this with many being very unhappy with their accounts being reset with no warning.

Maybe this action will promt players to think before they cheat within the game, or be at risk of loosing all progress.

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