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Rockstar address future single-player content as rumours gain traction

Rockstar developers have addressed fans concerns about the future of single-player games like Grand Theft Auto going forward. Expectations for the next entry are high, and Rockstar don’t plan to disappoint.

We don’t have to tell you how successful GTA: Online is, with the amount of effort Rockstar are putting in to keep content fresh in the game, it’s obvious that it brings in a lot of cash. The recently released Cayo Perico DLC added a while new section to the map, as well as adding in new guns and vehicles for players to experience. That being said, its been 7 years since we last got to experience a single-player Grand Theft Auto story, and fans are curious when the next game will be coming.

There’s been plenty of leaks and rumours suggesting that the next game is in development, and with the scale of Grand Theft Auto games growing with every release, it’s not surprising they’re spending so long working on it.

Rockstar have continued to update GTA Online with content 7 years after its release

Tarek Hamad and Scott Butchard, two Rockstar developers shared plans for future single-player titles after the release of Cayo Perico in an interview with GQ.

Highlighting the narrative in Cayo Perico, they explained that they are eager to step up their focus on single-player elements, blending them with the multiplayer modes heading forward.

“I think you can see that with Online and I think going forward we’re going to inject more of that single-player element in there,”

Hamad added that as the Grand Theft Auto universe continues to evolve, Rockstar will “absolutely” focus on delivering more compelling single-player stories in the franchise.

We don’t know how these single-player elements will work in Grand Theft Autos online modes in future games, but many fans are eager to see what is in store for them.

Rockstar are yet to officially announce that they are working on GTA 6, but once any information is released, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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