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Resident Evil comes to Netflix in exciting 8 part series

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In an exciting announcement for Netflix it has been confirmed that there will be an 8 part series based on the horror franchise Resident Evil.

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As well as being very popular amongst gamers it has now also reached success up on the big screen which many other games in the past years have failed to do.

However there has been previous movies released in the past, starting in 2002 there was a series of 6 films released which came to and end in 2017.

Credit: Netlflix

This new series to be released is said to be based on the popular horror game and also combined with the sci-fi favourite Stranger Things.

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At the moment we don’t have any information on a release date for the new series, fans are waiting and hoping to see it on their Netflix homepage soon.

Fans wait in anticipation for the new series as a lot of viewers felt that the previous movies that ere made had been centered more around an action theme and lessa round the horror genre. Hopefully this brand new series will stay true to its roots and give fans the experience they have been waiting for.

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