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Red Dead Online’s new monetisation system is far too aggressive

Rockstar have been using Gold Bars as the in game currency in Red Dead Online, it works alongside the dollars players can earn and both can be used to buy items online.

For the past two years, fans have been complaining about how grindy it is the acquire gold bars without buying them with real world money.

The newest update for Red Dead Online “Bounty Hunters” has released 10 new levels to the previously available Bounty Hunter role and a new Outlaw Pass. New role levels for the Bounty Hunter role will cost players 15 Gold Bars which for hardcore players of the game, isn’t expensive or new. The problem lies with the new Outlaw Pass costing 40 Gold Bars has made a huge change which makes even the most greedy game publishers look good in comparison.

The Outlaw Pass in essentially a Battle Pass in Red Dead Online, in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty, the Battle Pass would allow players to earn back the money they spent on the pass through levelling it up, something that was previously in all of the RDO Outlaw Passes, but with Outlaw Pass 4 you only earn 30 Gold Bars back for completing it, 10 less than it cost.

But wait, thats not all.

Up to now, the best way for players to grind Gold Bars was to complete daily challenges, players were able to hold a streak if they completed one of the daily challenges per day which could earn them 0.4 Gold Bars with each challenge. Now Rockstar has nerfed this system, reseting all challenge streaks on the 28th day, hardcore players of the game with streaks in the hundreds feel betrayed by this system, and Rockstars “compensation” of 600RDO$ is a slap in the face to players who have played the game everyday for the past 2 years to keep their streak. They’ve also halved the amount earned by completing daily challenges, now players will only earn 0.1 Gold Bars at first.

Maybe the backlash from players wouldn’t have been so great, if Rockstar hadn’t been getting more and more aggressive with the Gold Bar prices, one of the new gun skins costs a whopping 21 Gold Bars.

All of this comes with the new release of a standalone version of Red Dead Online. For only $5 players can download RDO, sold separately from the single player game. It looks like Red Dead Online hasn’t been as much of a monetary success as Rockstar would have hoped, which would explain the Free to Play, predatory monetisation system which they are trying to sneak into the game as well to get as much money as they can out of all the new players who only paid $5 to play the game.

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