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Reason why GTA 6 is delayed: revealed by Franklin actor

Fans have been scouring the internet in the past weeks for possible updates on the much anticipated GTA 6 release. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, and without a date set in stone fans are wondering just what is going on behind the scenes.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Franklin in a popular character in the game, he is voiced by Shawn Fonteno. In recent reports Fonteno has came forward to explain to fans what is causing the delay.

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There have been many rumours surfacing regarding the release of the game, however Rockstar Games are yet to even confirm if the game is even in development. There has been some leaks from insiders who insist that the game is 70% developed.

Fonteno went live on Instagram explaining to viewers to be patient with Rockstar Games and there is a process in releasing these games.

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He also went on to mention given the Covid-19 situation at the moment it has likely took a toll on production and urged fans to be patient. He assured fans that they want to get the game right and don’t want to rush it and throw anything out there thats not ready.

He carried on to say that he had mentioned in previous interviews that GTA 5 took them four and a half years to completely film.

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Theres nothing fans can do at the moment but wait and see when these updates will be available. Keeping our fingers crossed its sooner rather than later.

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