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PUBG Newly released map sparks debate and is to be removed after Season 9

PUBG fans are shocked at the announcement of the ‘Paramo’ map being removed from the game after only being available for a matter of weeks.

In Season 9 players were introduced to the “Paramo” map, this caused quite a stir as it was the most insane map PUBG has ever seen, with a maximum of 64 players at a time across its 3x3km surface area.

This particular map was much smaller than other maps we may have seen in the game, and focussed mainly on racking up quick and easy kills rather than finding and gathering decent loot.

The release of this map caused quite the controversy, with some players thinking that the map was too similar to other battle royale games such as Warzone. However this debate was met with criticism from other players who were enoying the map and felt that it suit the game.

This debate however was shot down in its prime by the official announcement that the map will no longer be in circulation after Season 9.

The news came via Twitter with the message that it was players last chance to take advantage of ‘Paramo’ as after Season 9 has ended it will no longer feature in the game.

This news came as a shock to some players, as the map has just recently been debuted in the game and been available for a few short weeks. It was launched in the game on October 14th when Season 9 began.

This news brings the question of whether a new map will be introduced in Season 10 or will it simply be removed, fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for the future of PUBG.

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