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PS5 scalpers are making a ridiculous amount of money reselling consoles


A PlayStation 5 scalper who used bots to buy hundreds of consoles has reportedly been making over $40,000 in a single week by reselling them for double the price.

PS5 consoles are still proving annoyingly hard for most customers to get their hands on, retailers all over the world are selling out of their limited stock immediately after taking delivery of a new batch.

Scalpers have been using specialised software to buy up as much of the stock as possible, much faster than any human. would be able to. Sony are already having issues getting the components to make the consoles thanks to the current pandemic, add in the scalpers and you have what is probably one of the most problematic console launches in history.

According to Business Insider, a reseller going by the name Mark F managed to buy 221 consoles back on November 12 when the console launched in America using “every resource possible”.

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In only one week, Mark resold these consoles for more than $40,000, by selling each unit for $500 more than he bought them.

It’s not just scalpers and lack of components that are causing issues for people trying to buy Sony’s new console though. In the UK customers who pre-ordered the console on Amazon are being left empty handed or are receiving other items in place of their consoles.

Amazon are being investigated by the consumer rights programme Watchdog. It’s asking effected customers to “get in touch” as it prepares to get answers from the retail giant about these missing consoles.

“I’ll be working through everything with the team and seeing how we can take things forward,” the programs presenter tweeted.

Sony meanwhile ensures it is working hard to make as many consoles as possible available before the end of the year, they are yet to address the issue with scalpers and bots.

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