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PS5: Every game announced so far

Is it really the future of gaming?

Image Credit: Sony

The big reveal is finally over, and there was a ton of games shown during the event. We even got a look at the console itself. Here’s a list of all the games announced so far for the Playsation 5:

Horizon Forbidden West
A sequel to Horizon zero Dawn, Forbidden West was finally announced over 3 years after the first game launched. Protagonist Aloy returned to narrate the trailer which showed impressive environments and wildlife. The game adds underwater environments into the mix this time around which must be explored as Aloy tries to find the source of the plague killing off the animals before it’s too late.

Resident Evil Village
In classic Resident Evil fashion, the trailer for Village gives off incredibly creepy vibes. Opening up with a shot of a forest, and then creepy stuffed animals before it turns violent. A first person game much like its predecessor. Resident Evil Village is launching in 2021.

Pragmata is a strange new game from Capcom, the trailer shown at the event shows its main character walking around the streets in a spacesuit. He has a device on his suit that creates records of what happened on the streets, Also the cats are holograms. It arrives in 2022 and we cant wait to see more from this one.

Spider-man: Miles Morales
This time we get to play as Miles Morales, the fictional character from the comic book series. Rumours were circulating that it would be an expansion or enhancement to the original game, but Insomniac have clarified that it will be a standalone game and the next adventure into the Spider-man universe. It will release in holiday season 2020.

Gran Turismo 7
The next generation of racing games is coming to PS5 with gran Turismo 7. The trailer shows incredibly detailed and realistic cars and environments. The game features a campaign mode but not much else is known about it at this time.

Deathloop is about two assassins locked in a time-loop, try to stay alive on an island where everyone is trying to kill you. The game shares many similarities to Dishonoured with special abilities allowing you to teleport, as well as an ability to pick enemies up and throw them. It even shares the same stealth mechanic. You can wield a selection of weapons, like firearms and blades. Every time you get killed, the time-loop restarts. Your goal is to take down eight assassins before midnight all without being killed. Deathloop is coming holiday 2020.

From the creator of Octodad, Bugsnax is a confusing game about bugs eating, and turning into snacks, like burgers and curly fries. It’s weird, but what else can you expect from the team who brought you a game about being an octopus posing as a human.

Demon’s Souls
It was rumoured for a long time, but now its confirmed. Demon’s Souls is getting a remaster for the PS5. It will be in 4K and it looks like it’s been built from the ground up for the new console.

Little Devil Inside
An action game about a man who must survive in a very harsh world, shared with dragons, bears, and harsh environments including frozen tundras, cities and deserts.

Built from the ground up to fully utilise the power of the PS5, the trailer shows New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson dribbling in an empty basketball court. It looks like the game is able to render droplets of sweat on players. It will have increased loading speeds and visual fidelity over the previous games. Launching in Fall 2020.

Hitman 3
Putting you back into the shoes (and suit) of Agent 47, the game is a conclusion to the World of Assassins trilogy. Taking you around the world to exotic locations packed with creative opportunities. Built to encourage player choice and exploration, the games world is designed to interact with it in ways that will impact future play-throughs.

Astro’s Playroom
Probably the first thing you’ll play on your new PS5, thanks to it coming preloaded on all consoles. Astro’s playroom is a sequel to Rescue Mission. Essentially a series of playable tech demos to showcase the consoles exciting features.

First announced a few months ago, and actually the first game to be announced for Playstation 5, Godfall is an action role-playing game. The trailer showcased the unique melee combat and abilities as well as its fantasy setting. Create your own character and chose from one of the five weapon classes and twelve total Valorplates that provide abilities.

Solar Ash
The next game from Hyper Light Drifter developer Heart Machine. The trailer only really showcases the art-style and atmosphere and doesn’t show much in the way of actual gameplay. Journey through a surreal, vivid and stylised world filled with mystery. We’ll have to wait to see more about this one.

Ghostwire: Tokyo
Unravel the mystery surrounding a series of disappearances. 99% of the city’s population have disappeared and it’s on you stand between the loss of the city and its salvation. A first person adventure game where you use physic and paranormal abilities to defeat the otherworldly spirits invading the city.

Jett: The Far Shore
The trailer doesn’t give away too much for this one, but we at least know it’s a space exploration game developed by Superbrothers.

A game focused on robots, in a world where humans have died off. A third person game where you play as a cat in a neon lit world filled with robots. Being a cat allows you to interact with the world in playful ways, being stealthy, nimble and silly. You befriend a small flying drone, the both of you try to find a way out of the world.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure
The latest in the franchise of well known platform games developed by Sumo Digital but this time round, the world is 3D instead of 2D.

A new third-person sci-fi shooter, the trailers shows a middle-ages woman landing on an alien planet fighting against creatures and spiders. The planet seems to change every time you die. Narration in the trailer says she is reliving her first moments on the planet ‘over and over’.

Destruction AllStars
A Playstation 5 exclusive game featuring destructible cars and a little bit of on foot action. It looks like a destruction derby set in various arenas around the globe.

Goodbye Volcano High
A 2D animated, narrative driven adventure game. Goodbye Volcano High seems to be a coming of age story featuring cinematic minigames and difficult choices.

Oddworld: Soulstorm
First announced in 2016, the latest Oddworld game is coming to the PS5, Soulstorm is a complete reimagining of Abe’s Exodus for the original playstation in 1998. Abe has to lead his fellow Mudokons to safety through various puzzles and hazards.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits
An action adventure game with Pixar-like visuals, magical abilities and enemies. Travel to an abandoned village in search of the sacred shrine. Aided by a team of “spirit companions” called the Rot. Their abilities will grow over the course of the game enabling them to manipulate the world in different ways.

Project Athia
A story-led action packed adventure that follows a girl in a cape who can leap great distances and at great speeds, she can summon roots from the ground and hurl them at her enemies. Set in a fantasy world filled with wolves and dragons.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
A gameplay trailer was released as well as a cinematic trailer. Gameplay is in the typical Ratchet & Clank style but this time they can create dimensional rifts mid-action.

Grand Theft Auto V
It’s back, for a third time. The new version will be enhanced for the new hardware in the PS5 and will be releasing in 2021. All PS5 owners will get GTA: Online for free but we’re unsure if its for a limited time or forever.

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