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Prince of Persia remake: Revealed

It has been reported that Ubisoft are developing a remake of the classis ‘Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’. The game is said to be an exact remake however echanced with high quality gameplay and visuals.

It was leaked and rumoured prior to its annoucments, but it looks as if they were all correct. It was first confirmed when during the Ubisoft Forward presentation.

The game is ser to release on January 21st 2021 available on Xbox one, PS4 and PC. The orginal game was released in 2003 on gamecube. Fans who initally played when the game was intitally released will be delighted at the remake.

The game will be retailing at $40, however for those players who choose to pre-order the game, it will also include a bonus set ‘Back to the origins’. This set features the oringinal weapon set of the Prince and also his orignal outfit. Another cool feature that comes with this set is a filter that changes to give the player the feel that they are plying the game back in time.

The 1989 Prince of Persia will be featured in the game as an unlockable bonus. It has also been rumoured that the game may come to Nintendo Switch, however a release date has not been confirmed.

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