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Playstation to host PS5 event tomorrow: Release date and price reveal?

Playstation fans having been hanging on the edge of their seats for updates on the long awaited Playstation 5. On Wednesday Playstation will be hosting a PS5 event, could this finally give us the information we’ve been waiting for.

Image Credit: Sony

This comes after Xbox releases the price for their console along with the official release date, fans were delighted to finally know when they would be able to get their hands on the console. Xbox will be releasing two different spec consoles the Xbox Series X and the Series S.

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The big question is, will Playstation realese their console at the same time? Will there be a difference in price? It is all very exciting. Hopefully we will get the answers we’ve been waiting for tomorrow, the event is taking place at 9pm (UK time).

Image Credit: Sony

It comes with this announcement fans anxious to see what line of games are going to be launched for the new console, fans hope for new games matching the spec of the console. It’s unlikely we will get the finalised list of games tomorrow but we may get a bit of a better understanding of whats to come.

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Hopefully we will find out the release date and price for the console now that Xbox have release theirs. Fans can only hope we get the update we have been waiting for.

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