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PlayStation Event Rumours – PS5 and COD 2020 Reveal?

The event kicks off later today, What can we expect to see?

Image Credit: Sony

The digital only June 11 event will start at 8PM via the Playstation Youtube and Twitch channels. Sony will likely showcase what the new console can achieve while offering up some new games.

All of the games showcased at the event will be played on a 4K TV to truly show what the console is capable of.

Sony are also hoping to make loading screens a thing of the past and make it possible to play large open world games without any loading between areas. Using the consoles new custom solid state drive (SSD).

In a statement to the BBC Mark Reed, the Managing Director at Heaven Media said “We can reasonably expect to see first-party software in action from real PS5 hardware.”

Adding that “Days of pre-rendered footage and trailers are coming to and end and Sony knows that gamers expect to see real games on real hardware”

Despite showing what the console can achieve and teasing a few games, we shouldn’t expect to get a look at the system itself, remaining under wraps until a later date.

We already know of some upcoming titles that will be expected on the PS5, but most of those are cross-gen games also releasing on the PS4, like Assassins Creed Valhalla and Outriders. We are yet to see any exclusively next-gen titles. Rumours have been circulating that Activision will be revealing the next Call of Duty game at the Playstation event. There is no evidence to suggest that this is the case, and with Modern Warfare and Warzone still performing so well, It’s unlikely Activision will want to move focus from Modern Warfare to a new title so soon.

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