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Players are being teleported around Verdansk in Warzone Teleportation Bug


It is not new to Warzone players to be faced with a bug in the game as it tend to be a common occurrence, however a new bug that has surfaced has caught players suddenly by surprise.

Infinity Ward are always working on correcting the latest bug in the game, as its near impossible to get rid of every single issue in the game. The game is regularly receiving updates causing a huge backlog of issues they are trying their best to work through and fix as soon as possible.

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This particular bug has seemed to go unnoticed by developers somehow, however players have taken to social media to discuss the issues they are facing in the game.

Many players have documented issues where they are finding themselves in one location, then all of a sudden being transported to a completely different location on the map.

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Many clips have shown players being instantly thrown from one location to the other in bizarre footage uploaded.

The game is no stranger to bugs, such as the famous demon gun glitch players have faced twice before making their weapons almost impossible to use. There was also a glitch games faced where they were being killed off by their own heartbeat sensors.

It’s unknown if Infinity Ward are working on the problem as of yet, they are pretty public regarding and issues they are trying to iron out in the game however there is no comment on this one as of yet.

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Fans can only hope they find a solution to correct this issue soon as many players games are being disrupted by this annoying bug. Players will eagerly look for any announcements from Infinity Ward regarding this issue as there is no obvious cause.

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