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Phasmophobia to get a brand new haunted prison level


Players have already took to Phasmophobia to get their scare on, although now it seems with the games growing success there will be a new prison level added, which is said to be haunted.

Phasmophobia is a game in where players search a variety of abandoned and spooky areas looking for ghosts, however it has recently come to light that there is a brand new exciting addition in the pipeline.

Kinetic Games have announced that they are working on a new level which will will be set in a prison, it is also said to be haunted, perfect for those players who love a good scare while they’re playing.

The games developers recently took to Twitter to share the news with fans as the shared a screenshot of the games Trello board. The board itself keeps track of the games progress, fans were quick to notice on the board there was ‘make a prison level’ written in the progress column.

This has gotten fans minds racing at what they can expect to see from this new level, as of now there isn’t any further information on this new level sa what new content it will hold or what may be in store for gamers.

Players will have to sit tight until this level becomes a reality in order to see what is in store, fans have plenty of time to think about what may be coming. Kinetic games also accompanied this Tweet with the letter ‘E’, leaving more to the imagination, could this be some sort of cryptic clue as to what is coming next?

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