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Phasmophobia New Prison Level revealed and it’s giving players Nightmares


Recently a teaser for the new and upcoming prison level has been released and its creepier than we expected.

You may have already heard that Phasmophobia is in the works of getting a brand new level set in an abandoned prison. It sounds terrifying and players just can’t wait until they can give it a go.

However to make the wait less tedious Kinetic Games have taken to Twitter to drop a teaser of what we can look to expect from this new level, and it is scarier than we could ever have imagined.

Admittedly the images are fairly dark which just adds suspense, however you can make out an eery metal chain fence that is believed to circle the entrance to the prison from outside.

There is also an empty cafeteria seen in these images that is filling us with dread, also there is said to be a creepy visitation area.

Another Tweet from Phasmophobia said that we can expect spooky cell blocks to make an appearance in this level. It is said to be a medium sized map in comparison to the Asylum map.

Fans already can’t wait to have a go at this new and enticing horror level, it brings a new energy to the game and is already spooking players out. Already a terrifying concept as ghosts and spirits cannot be kept behind physical bars, we have no idea what to expect from this new level.

Although we know is it in the works, there is no official date on when it will be officially released, so players will have to hang on and hope there is not much longer to wait.

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