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Nuketown Easter Egg found on new Black Ops Cold War Map

A hint that Nuketown from Black Ops 1 could be returning to Black Ops Cold War has been found on the new map Cartel. One of the brand new maps made available to fans during the games open beta.

Nuketown is easily one of the most popular maps in Black Ops History. Its been a part of every Black Ops game and has even been introduced as a zombie map in Black Ops 2. Rumours have suggested it will be returning to Black Ops Cold War, which isn’t a huge surprise to say the least.

Fans believe the developers have already started to tease the map before it releases in the final version of the game and it has already shown up in one of the beta maps.

Players found image of Nuketown at the back of the Cartel map, they can find an image of one of the houses from the classic Black Ops 1 map. Hinting at it’s return to the series.

Of course, at the moment we don’t know if Nuketown is officially coming back, but a lot of people seem to think so, including YouTuber TheGamingRevolution. It would make sense for the map to come back, with Black Ops Cold War being a direct sequel to Black Ops 1, the time period would fit well.

Every version of the map that came after Black Ops 1 was different to the one before it, so it will be interesting to see if the developers bring back the original Nuketown without any changes.

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