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Nintendo slashes classic game prices to under a dollar!

Nintendo fans will be pleased to hear that they have discounted down a number of classic games in the eShop, it comes as no surprise as it is often that Nintendo offer a selection of games at a discount.

Image Credit: Nintendo

This gives players a chance to download games they may not have played before. One of the games in this offer is the 1992 classic ‘Flashback’ for the Nintendo Switch.

Flashback has been majorly discounted as it’s usual price is up around the $20 mark. The game is a action/adventure game based heavily in the Sci-fi genre. It is set back in year 2142 and was considered a landmark game in French development.

The aim of the game is to assist a scientist suffering from amnesia to avoid dangerous events and find his way back to earth while escaping Saturn’s moon Titan’s colony.

It is definetly worth a try to play a peice of gaming history. The game is celebrating its 25th anniversary, it was one of the first games that used motion capture technology that give more realistic animations. The backgrounds in the game were entirley hand-drawn which offers some individuality from the game.

Although it is a classic game there is a modern mode within the game which offers remastered audio and graphics, it also includes a new rewind function that helps to ease new players in and get a grasp of the concept of the game.

There isnt any way to tell how long this sale will last for so players wanting to take advantage of this offer should waste no time heading over to the Nintendo eShop.

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