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Nintendo say Animal Crossing Fall Update is ‘Around the Corner’

Fans have been searching the internet day and night in hopes of further information on the much anticipated fall update.

Image Credit: Nintendo

The update was first announced all the way back in July and feels like a lifetime of waiting since then, players are eager to see what new features will be announced in this free update.

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The last major update the game received was back when it added the fireworks feature which was popular with players. Fans were hoping there would be a nod to the update in last weeks Nintendo direct mini showcase, however it left fans dissapointed when nothing was mentioned.

It has been reported on the Nintendo Canada website that the new AC:NH update is ‘around the corner’ to the delight of fans who have been waiting on the edge of their seats.

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This information was located on the Nintendo Canada website on the ‘Games with free updates’ page. Hopefully we will see Pumpkin Jack in all his glory sooner than we hope!

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