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New Warzone map: Ural Mountains leaks, rumours, and release dates

Without a doubt, Call of Duty Warzone has been a huge success, and fans are itching to get more information on when a new map is coming to the game. We’ve put together everything currently known about the new map, its potential release date, and how the integration with Cold War will effect it.

Players have been slightly disappointed by Rebirth Islands additions to Warzone, the map is based based in a Black Ops mission from the original game, and fans feel like this was just added as a lazy attempt to keep the game fresh, but for players who don’t enjoy the faster paced version of the Battle Royale game mode, they are left playing Verdansk which has been almost unchanged since release, with only the addition of a train system and a few other slight changes.

Rumours are already circulating about another new setting for the Warzone game mode, Rebirth Island was only added in mid-December at the Start of Season One, the update that also saw the integration with Cold War.

Rebirth Island brought with it a chaotic and faster paced Warzone experience.

Ural Mountains

It’s expected that Warzones next map will take heavy influence from Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps.

Both of the current Fireteam maps are set in the Ural Moutains in Russia, Alpine and Ruka. Sanatorium is an upcoming Fireteam map, which is set to be released in January. Both of the current maps have code names in the games files, Ruka’s being ‘wz_forest’ and Alpines is ‘wz_ski-slopes’

The maps are designed as a 40-player game mode, and they’re considerably bigger than the 6v6 maps in the standard modes. This has lead players to believe they could be being added to a Warzone map as POIs, similar to how Verdanks uses the ground war maps in Modern Warfare. This is backed up by the ‘wz’ in the maps filenames. As well as this, the Fireteam maps are already set up for a lot of Warzones mechanics, parachuting, being ‘downed’, pinging, armour plates and even looting.

The Ural Mountains are a real mountain range in Russia

Fireteam maps have vehicles such as the T-72 Tanks, Buggies, Dirt Bikes, Helicopters, and Snowmobiles, some of these are already available in Warzone. More weapons and vehicles will see their way into Warzone as they get added to 2020s instalment of Call Of Duty.

Warzone map release date

It’s important to remember that right now all of this is just rumours, and the implementation of a new Warzone map could be a long way off, but certain rumours have suggested a new map could be added in March 2021, which would line up well with Warzones one year anniversary.

Another rumour suggests Treyarch are intentionally delaying the release of a new map until all of the POIs that would form the new Warzone map have been added to the game as their individual Fireteam or 6v6 maps.

The future of Verdansk

Through the first year of Warzones life, any changes have been updates to the current map, instead of adding a brand new map. (As Rebirth Island hasn’t been intended as a replacement for Verdansk we aren’t counting it).

We don’t know for certain If more map changes are coming to Verdansk, but with more lore and areas being added in Season One, we’re sure they won’t want to forget about it.

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