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New Video Leak Shows Possible Battlefield 6 Trailer And Release Date


A bizarre new YouTube channel appeared completely out of the blue claiming to know official details surrounding the release of Battlefield 6. Could this be the real deal?

Rumours have been circulating regarding the long await release of Battlefield 6, spreading thick and fast with no official news on the horizon, until now.. kind of.

It wasn’t until recently that a mystery YouTube channel ‘Phase 5’ appeared on the platform with videos claiming to know official details of Battlefield 6. The videos hinted of a potential release date for the title along with a trailer for the game.

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We already know the games battle scope is going to be insanely huge and the battle royale will be free to play, so what else exactly has been revealed since then?

The strange new channel first reared it’s head in November of last year and has racked up a small 849 subscribers, which has got many viewers asking questions. The channel has published a range of videos that have seemed to attract a lot of attention from gaming giants worldwide. The videos seem to tease that something may be taking place on March 23rd as well as a countdown to 2042.

The countdown to a specific date in 2042 suggests that the game could be set in 2042, this would make sense as this year will mark exactly 1000 years after Battlefield 1942 and also 100 years before Battlefield 2142. Could this potential date setting fit in with previous speculation that the game will be set in modern times.

The countdown seems that it will come to and end on October 25th in the year 2042, this has spurred some fans on to thinking that this is a cryptic message really meaning that the game will be released on October 25th this year.

Another question being asked by many is regarding the March 23rd date that has been mentioned which also features the Twitch logo, could this mean that we will be seeing a trailer soon or even a snippet of some gameplay?

Of course, we have to take this all with a pinch of salt. Only time will tell what the future of Battlefield has in store for us, until the be sure to check back with us at Gamerficial for updates.

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