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New modes are coming to Warzone including a 200 player mode


Infinity Ward have teased the new modes.

Image Credit: Activison

Some players who played the free multiplayer weekend reported getting a sneak peak at a menu containing a handful of new modes for Warzone. While the modes aren’t currently accessible they were visible in the screenshot below and offer some clues as the the future of the game.

Image Credit: Activision

Battle Royale 200 hints that the number of players in one game has been upped from the 150 it currently stands at. With Plunder 200 likely doing the same. Finally there’s BR Juggernaut, similar to Fortnite’s Infinity Gauntlet mode with Thanos. Where one or more players gets a Juggernaut suit gifting them with increased health, a minigun, and the ability to jump from ay heigh and perform a ‘ground-pund’ move damaging other players. Once killed the player in the suit will head to the Gulag and the suit will be respawned on the map for another players to pick up.

It’s unclear whether this menu was supposed to be access or shown to players, but we do know that larger updates like this usually drop on a Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, so we hopefully don’t have long to wait.

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