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New Mario Kart lets you race around your own home

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The new Mario Kart Live has players talking as this new release boasts new features such as being able to conduct a race around your own home. You are able to set up your own circuit in any room you like.

The game works by players creating a custom circuit, it is carried out by placing cardboard checkpoints around your home simulating the race track. The game also includes a physical car, which Nintendo says reacts similarly to the cars in game such as reacting to in game boosts.

Credit: Nintendo - Big savings on official Steam games

The remote controlled car features a camera on the front which allows your living room to be seen on your switch.

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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Mario (Nintendo Switch)

The official trailer for the game depicts players setting up the custom circuit in they own living room and features the classic characters within the game.

Credit: Nintendo

The home circuit sets, which contain also a remote controlled car will be available in either Mario or Luigi. The game is set to release on October 16th and will cost £100.

There has also been announcements that they are going to be bringing back some old classic games, this will feature Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine.

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