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Mr Beast puts 100 players in an Among Us lobby and it worked amazingly

He’s not known for doing things on a small scale, and he recently created a lobby with 100 players in the hugely popular game, something that was previously thought impossible.

Mr Beast now has over 45M subscribers on his main channel and over 7.4B views on his videos collectively. Over on his gaming channel ‘Mr Beast Gaming’ he has over 9.2M subscribers, where he posts videos of him doing gaming challenges with other well known YouTubers and even subscribers, playing games like Minecraft and GTA 5.

As most YouTubers do, he quickly jumped onto the latest craze to sweep the internet, Among Us, the game that rose to fame earlier this year, 2 years after its initial release in 2018.

In Among Us the lobby can’t usually hold more than the 10 they were intended to hold, but naturally, everyone wondered what it would be like to have more than 10 people in a game.

An animation by Pixel Kingdom showed exactly what it would look like to have that many players in a game before it had been done for real.

But if anyone was going to make it a reality, it was of course Mr Beast. He teased the 100 player lobby on Twitter announcing that the video would be released on October 16, but fans were sceptical.

Despite the odds, he did actually manage it, and the video showed a fully functional game with 100 players, there are a few differences to the original game, but the resemblance is uncanny.

Mr Beast and some members of his team acted as Imposters in the lobby, and it was up to the remaining players to figure out which usernames his team were going by.

We don’t exactly know how he managed to pull it off, and many people speculate that he built the entire game from scratch, which allowed them to have as many people as they wanted in a lobby.

At the end of the video Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson asked his fans to let him know what they wanted to see him do next in Among Us as “we can do anything”, so expect to see some even crazier content from one of the largest creators playing the hugely popular game further down the line.

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