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Modern Warfare is bringing back a classic weapon in season 6

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season 6 is just around the corner, and as always the developers have a load of new content planned for us, including new weapons, new operators, and new maps.

Fans of the older Call of Duty games will be pleased to know the R700 Sniper Rifle will be making a return, which made its first appearance in the classic Call of Duty Modern game back in 2007. It was widely regarded as one of the better guns in the game .

Leaked footage from the game shows other weapons that we can expect to see in the new season. The AS-VAL and the AA12 Shotgun will also be added in the new season. The leaked footage shows the R700 will be a bolt action rifle, similar to the Kar98. Allowing for one shot kills if you land your shots in the correct places.

All weapons will be unlocked via the battle pass but its unclear what levels they will be unlocked at. The new season kicks off on September 29, and will introduce two new operators and an underground subway network for players to fast travel around the battle royale map.

There’s even talk of a Zombie Royale mode which could see players come back as a zombie rather than being sent to the Gulag. Various voice lines for announcements in the mode were found in the files.

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