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Modern Warfare glitch leaks unreleased secret weapon


Modern Warfare is no stranger to unexplained bugs within the game, in fact there has been an increase lately in the amount of glitches players have been stumbling across.

It comes with each season of Modern Warfare the introduction of new weapons, however it could be that there is more than meets the eye this season as a new unreleased weapon appeared during a glitch.

However all glitches aren’t bad news, as this one in particular has allowed players to use the secret Makarov pistol, this isn’t the first time this particular weapon has featured in the game though.

Got a Makarov pistol in an MW private match. It was a one time glitch that I couldn’t get to happen again. This is all I got with it. from r/modernwarfare

The Makarov pistol first made an appearance in 2010 in the Black Ops title and carried through into the next series, however after that the weapon seemed to disappear.

Players seemed shocked to discover this weapon as it is considered rare in comparison to other weapons featured in the series. It was first noticed by a gamer who was playing offline but noticed something bizarre in the hands of one of the other enemies.

After the gamer in question took out their enemy they then picked up the weapon and examined it, revealing the Makarov pistol. The weapon has the firepower that would be expected from any secondary weapon and is also complete with it’s own custom animations.

Its clear from this that some serious updates have been put into the pistol which suggests it may be returning. Another possibility is that it may have been tested and possibly added to the game awhile ago but then scrapped, leaving its remnants in the games coding.

Fans have been excited at the potential of this weapon returning to the game after such a long time since its last appearance. This glitch has only appeared in offline battles with bots, so players shouldn’t hang out for it to appear in any online games.

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