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Modern Warfare gets BIG playlist Update: Warzone Halloween event to return


It has been announced that a very large update will be arriving to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The update is said to be arriving later this week, so players will be able to experience what this update has to offer sooner than they think.

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Warzone’s Halloween event is set to end today, November 3rd across Xbox One, PS4 and PC, however although the Haunting of Verdansk event has came to an end, players have notices that Warzone Rumble remains active to play along with Zombies Royale.

Its no surprise that Zombies Royale has been left for players still to enjoy for the moment as it proved to be a huge hit with gamers. This mode took Warzone by storm giving players the chance to experience the game in another way.

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Gamers have been requesting that the mode becomes a permanent fixture in the game as many have took the time to come up with the perfect strategies to win, although sometimes the game can be down to luck who takes the crown, it hasn’t stopped gamers playing it in their masses.

However there is no way to say for certain if the mode will stay, its likely it could make an exit later this week when the update is due to hit. Of course we can’t know exactly what new content will be coming our way just yet, fans must wait it out hoping for an official statement from Activision on what they could be in store for.

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Fans are excited at the possibilities, with a lot going on in the next month as we prepare for the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, it really does get the cogs turning of what we can hope to expect from this upcoming Modern Warfare update.

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