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Modern Warfare 2: Multiplayer Remaster and Release Date Leaked


According to a recent leak, a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer remaster could be on the cards for fans later this year.

As the Call of Duty franchise continues to grow with more and more titles dropping each year, it gives gamers more choice than ever when it comes to playing. Over time the CoD series has built up quite the fanbase so we are sure that fans will be pumped at the news of a Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer remaster headed our way!

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Creating a remaster for Modern Warfare 2 will be the final piece of the puzzle, since there has already been a remaster made for its predecessor Modern Warfare. We’ve already seen Warzone’s final cutscene that was teased at Modern Warfare 2 back in December of last year.

New cutscene that is obtained after completing the newest Intel missions. Ends the current MW storyline and teases Soap Mactavish from r/modernwarfare

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The news first came to light when a leak appeared on Reddit, which let us in on the fact that a remaster for Modern Warfare 2 was already in motion and we can expect to see it with the campaign mode from Modern Warfare 3.

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered and Modern Warfare 3 remastered leak 4chan from r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

However, Modern Warfare 3 will not be receiving a remaster of its multiplayer mode, instead we will only be seeing this new remaster of Modern Warfare 2. Although, this doesn’t mean that we are no longer able to play Warzone or Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer modes, they will still be available, only this time with the exciting addition of the Modern Warfare 2 remaster.

According to the leak, the Modern Warfare 2 remaster is likely to drop this year any time between May and July, although we should see a beta launch before the official release date. It was also revealed in the leak that this remaster will come with the Battle Pass system instead of loot boxes, we should also see a return of fan favourite maps such as Highrise and Terminal.

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This leak would actually make sense as it does seem to match another leak we have recently seen stating that Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have been working on separate projects, making fans think there could be two separate CoD releases this year. Could it be that the second release is actually the MW2 remaster?

Of course, as with every leak we should take these details with a pinch of salt, with nothing confirmed officials we cant say for sure exactly what we can expect.

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